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1×01 Are our cities more resilient than ever? (live from 2 March)

In conversation with:
– Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Director of Urban Planning, Environment and Health, ISGlobal.
– Miguel Gamiño, Head of Global Cities, Mastercard.

1×02 Going sustainable: Business and citizens pushing for circular cities (live from 9 March)

In conversation with:
– Michelle Lancaster, Director of Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement, Microsoft.
– Júlia López, European Regional Director, C40.

1×03 Reorganization of public space: who owns the streets? (live from 16 March)

In conversation with:
– Jordi Torrent, Head of Strategy, Port de Barcelona.
– Robert Cervero, Professor Emeritus, University of Berkeley.

1×04 How sustainable is a society within four walls? (live from 23 March)

In conversation with:
– Sandra Baer, CEO, Personal Cities.

1×05 New life for villages and outskirts: pandemics as a driver of… urban exodus? (live from 30 March)

In conversation with:
– Azeem Azhar, Creator, The Exponential View.
– Diego Fernández, Secretary of Urban & Social Integration, City of Buenos Aires.